Why Choose a Mobile Mechanic For Brake Service?

Brake Shop Versus Mobile Brake Repair
Why choose a mobile mechanic?

If you are deciding on taking your vehicle to a traditional brake shop or a mobile mechanic, you are in the right place. There are many reasons to choose a mobile mechanic over a brake shop including convenience, pricing, and quality. In this quick blog, I am going to go over why choosing a mobile mechanic only makes sense for your next brake service

Brake shops can be less convenient than mobile mechanics services.


When you take your vehicle to a brake shop, there is nothing worse than sitting in the dreaded waiting room. Auto repair shops are busy handling multiple projects at one time whereas a mobile mechanic is going to be soley dedicated to your car until the job is finished. The beauty of having a mobile mechanic come to youu, is that you can wait in the comfort of your home, work, or wherever else you may be. 

Brake shop warranty vs mobile mechanic warranty
Are they the same?

While I can’t speak for all mobile mechanics, I can tell you that Nashville mobile mechanic pros offers an extremely competitive warranty on all general brake services. Our brakes are backed by a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. If you have any issues whatsoever, we will send a tech out there to make sure the work is right and all problems are solved. 


Brake shop pricing vs mobile mechanic pricing – Who’s cheaper? 


The pricing of brake job in Nashville depends on quite a bit, but I can see a mobile mechanic will generally be cheaper due having less overhead. This may not be the case for every brake service, but I can guarantee you that Nashville Mobile Mechanic pros is priced very competitive, relative to the Nashville market. 

Brake shop quality vs mobile mechanic quality - who’s better?

 In my opinion, the quality of a job generally comes down to the leadership of the shop and also the types of the technicians being hired and trained.Nashville Mobile Mechanic Pros  operates at the highest standards for all work including brake service and repair. The quality of a job generally comes down to the leadership of the shop and also the the types of the technicians being hired and trained. Our mobile mechanics are vetted, trained, and ready to do the job right. The other question at play when it comes to brake quality is the parts. At Nashville Mobile Mechanic Pros, we only use parts that are industry standard and backed with warranties. Putting cheap brakes on cars is not the way we operate here at Nashville Mobile Mechanic Pros.